[FIRSTNAME] [LASTNAME] has asked to be your mentor

[FIRSTNAME] [LASTNAME] has asked to be your mentor

Hello there! [FIRSTNAME] [LASTNAME] thinks that you are a world changer, and we think [he’s/she’s] right! [He/She] would like to team up with you as you seek to discover and define God’s calling on your life.

Ever wonder what you’re going to be when you grow up? Or what you might do next? Or why you are the way you are?

You are invited to team up with [FIRSTNAME] and seek the answer to one of life’s greatest questions: “Why am I here?”

What does this mean? [FIRSTNAME] [LASTNAME] would like to serve as your mentor as you work through a ten-lesson, online program called Life Purpose Planning. As you work through this resource, you will discover purpose, define goals, and establish a multi-year plan of action.

Many people going through Life Purpose Planning will schedule a lesson a week for a total of ten weeks, but don’t let that cramp your style—you can definitely complete the program more quickly or take a bit longer.

Once you have completed one of the ten lessons, you can update your mentor. This will send [him/her] an e-mail notifying them to log in and see a summary of your work. [He/she] will then read over a completed summary and then discuss your answers and offer insights, which can be completed through an online portal or in person. Coffee shop meetup, anyone?

You can definitely go through Life Purpose Planning on your own. But having a mentor involved deepens your experience and broadens the perspective and observations you will receive along the way. Plus, it is always a privilege to learn from and be mentored by someone on this adventure we call life!

Are you interested in beginning this mentoring relationship with [FIRSTNAME] [LASTNAME]? Click below to get started!

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