[FIRSTNAME] [LASTNAME] has invited you to be their mentor

[FIRSTNAME] [LASTNAME] has invited you to be their mentor

Greetings! Someone thinks that you are an inspiration, and we think they’re right! You have been invited to make a big difference in the life of someone who looks up to you: [FIRSTNAME] [LASTNAME]. Your encouragement and insights will help [him/her] answer one of life’s greatest questions: “Why am I here?”

What does it mean? [FIRSTNAME] is working through a ten-lesson program called Life Purpose Planning Online where [she/he] is seeking to discover purpose, define goals, and establish a multi-year plan of action. Many individuals will schedule a lesson a week for a total of ten weeks, though some may complete the program more quickly or take a bit longer.

[He/she] needs you to read over completed lessons and discuss answers and insights. This can be completed through an online portal or in person. Coffee shop meetup, anyone?

Your role as mentor will support and encourage [FIRSTNAME] as [he/she] seeks God’s purpose, incorporates wise counsel, and develops a plan of action to faithfully accomplish [his/her] life calling. Because you know [him/her] well and love [him/her] greatly, you can often provide insights, confirming and affirming key discoveries.

Will you commit to mentoring [FIRSTNAME] through this process? Click the Yes! button below for a detailed overview of your part to play. Thank you for being the person that [FIRSTNAME] trusts with this request!

Yes! I would love to be a mentor!  |  Sorry, I can’t right now

[FIRSTNAME] [LASTNAME] trusts you. Please honor that trust by keeping your correspondence and discussions with them confidential, unless you have their specific permission to share.